Outputs and Results

The four main outputs of Chatpal are:

Output 1: An open multilingual digital service to facilitate the repurposing of psychotherapy content.

This is an output from the ChatPal project. The datasets contain the chatbot utterances in English, Swedish, Finnish and Scottish Gaelic. Any replies collected from users through the ChatPal chatbot are not included in these data.



You can find the dialogue datasets by clicking this link


Output 2: A transnational web-based service and toolkit for assisting authorities in the co-creation of digital health products and in particular health-based chatbots.

This toolkit provides guidelines for designing and developing a healthcare chatbot. In this toolkit you will find recommended activities and methods which were used to adopt a stakeholder-centered approach, which is important for responsible design of digital health technologies. The toolkit can be found here https://chatpal.interreg-npa.eu/toolkit-for-the-co-creation-of-health-based-chatbots/

Output 3: A user-friendly ChatPal Chatbot for providing e-mental health services.

The ChatPal chatbot is available on Android and Apple devices. The ChatPal chatbot source code is free to use and re-purpose. If you would like to get access to the code, please contact Brian Cahill via email at brian.cahill@mtu.ie

ChatPal Maps

Below you will find links to download a ChatPal map. The map provides an overview of the content/ features available in ChatPal, and where to find them within the chatbot.

ChatPal Maps

Output 4: A ChatPal service provisioned by established mental health service providers

For example, Action Mental Health include ChatPal under their list of services: https://www.amh.org.uk/services/. You can hear more about Action Mental Health's plans to include digital mental health services here https://youtu.be/A7czp5bFqvY

ChatPal Main Results

  • The project positively contributes to the programme result, addressing the “Awareness and Attitudes among health professionals towards the use of eHealth technologies”. 
  • ChatPal challenges healthcare professionals to use chatbots to augment healthcare provision in rural areas.

ChatPal Other Results

  • Elicitation of digital mental wellbeing needs in NPA areas; 
  • Consensus amongst mental health professionals regarding the use of chatbot services to blend with and deliver beyond traditional services; 
  • Creation of a transnational knowledge base of coping strategies and content for use in eHealth chatbot services; 
  • Multilingual, blended chatbot service for younger and older citizens; 
  • Data analysis of the effectiveness, economics, and user adoption of a blended chatbot service; 
  • ChatPal source code and content released on GitHub with open source licensing; 
  • Sustainable, transferable framework for developing healthcare-based, blended chatbot services for the NPA region.