ChatPal – from Project Launch to App Development

From its inception on 23 October 2019, the ChatPal Project timeline has been both proactive and productive.


As part of the Northern and Periphery Arctic Programme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the project collectively combines mental health expertise from Northern Ireland, ROI, Western Isles of Scotland, Finland and Sweden. This team have driven the project developing an interactive App designed to provide a positive psychology-based AI platform.

The ground-breaking mental health ChatPal App launched in September 2020 and has been helping support users’ mental health and wellbeing since. Described as mental health support at your fingertips, it has been designed with easy to navigate ‘Your Positive Psychology ChatBot’ technology.

Constantly updated and improved, the App is discussed at regular ChatPal team meetings. This helps drive the project forward, addressing feedback through the initial pilot study

Prominent meetings to date include:

A virtual Menhir International Doctoral “Summer School” (5-9 October 2020), brought the App to this important annual event.

In the run up to World Mental Health Day, (10 October), ChatPal members spread the word at numerous conferences on the subject of AI and technology in mental health. Ulster University’s Dr Raymond Bond addressed a virtual audience at a workshop hosted by University of Cambridge (13 October 2020). The presentation, ‘Mindful of AI’ showcased the latest technology behind the App.

ChatPal project staff from Norbotten, Sweden discussed the project in relation to mental health in young people (10 November 2020), investigating whether artificial intelligence can contribute to increased wellbeing in this group.

With regular communications through quarterly newsletters, a dynamic website, regular Zoom gatherings and an active social media presence, the project has provided valuable feedback and data on the AI mental health sector and will further develop going forward.